An eight-week online course for women 

Learn from the most remarkable women in history, who lived leadership their way, so you can live your leadership your way.

This is the course where you'll learn how to find and exercise your courage, inspired by stories from the “First Lady of Courage,” Eleanor Roosevelt.

You'll learn practical skills: new ways to network, to communicate and to translate thought into action.


And you'll find inspiration in stories, a way of learning that stays with you much longer than simply being told what to do, or not do.

When actress Jessica Alba first developed the concept for Honest Company, it wasn't easy to sell to investors. Early business plans fell apart,  partners were unreliable. "I was reading Robin Gerber's, Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way, and I saw how she kept hitting dead ends but kept pushing on. She didn't give up—she tried again. That's what I did until it finally made it."

(from Harper's magazine)


Robin is the best-selling Author of “Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way,” as well as  “Katharine Graham on Leadership,” and “Barbie and Ruth,” the story of Mattel founder, and Barbie creator Ruth Handler. 


She is also a former Senior Fellow at the Burns Academy of Leadership, and a lawyer. For almost thirty years, Robin has been recognized as an author, teacher, speaker, scholar, and acclaimed expert in the field of leadership.  


Robin hopes you'll join her as she shares what she's researched, learned, and taught about women’s lives, strength, and  power. 


While researching her book “Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way,” Robin discovered Eleanor’s little known, and very first book called, “It’s Up to the Women.”

She wrote it during the Great Depression, because she believed that women’s strength and insight would be the answer to the country’s dire trouble.

“There have been great crises in our country....and the success of our nation in meeting them was very largely due to the women.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor’s belief is just as true today as it was when Americans were scared, desperate and in need of great leadership. Now is the time to learn to lead your  way!

Robin has been supporting, coaching, and developing women’s ‘super powers’ as leaders for decades, in every sector of society, including:


**Top corporate CEO’s at Deloitte, Legg/Mason, IBM, Marriott, JP Morgan/Chase, Accenture and Bank of America 


**Mid-level professionals at BlueCross/BlueShield, Southern Company, Giant Food, Sun Trust, The Culinary Institute, Freddie Mac and Ameriprise ​

**Staff at every level for government agencies including NASA, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Council for Excellence in Government 


**Students and faculty at universities and girls schools including Scripps College, Simmons College, West Point and The Hamlin School

**Leaders at nonprofit organizations including AAUW, the Junior League, AARP and Business and Professional Women


“After hearing Robin, I finally worked through the fears that were holding me back, and figured out what I really wanted to do with my life.”

Judy, San Francisco 

Join Robin as she shares timeless wisdom from our country's greatest women leaders.


Course begins on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 11AM for 8 weeks.

If you are unable to attend live, all the sessions will be recorded and made available in audio and video format.