learn leadership and success strategies from the stories of great leaders!

Here’s a story, and a lesson from Eleanor Roosevelt:


Eleanor Roosevelt didn't want the traditional role of First Lady, so she shaped the job for herself. She held the first press conferences by a First Lady. She feared a backlash, especially when she only invited women reporters. Sure enough, Eleanor was viciously criticized for her unprecedented action. But her press conferences broadcast her messages about women’s issues, civil rights and more. They were key to her success.

Every time we try something we haven’t done before, there’s fear of risk, fear of failure and criticism. But stretching ourselves by acting on our vision, however daunting that seems, is how our leadership grows.

Eleanor said, “We don’t become heroes overnight, just a step at a time, finding strength and courage and confidence every time we look fear in the face.”


Here are the women Robin speaks about, and some of the lessons from their dramatic and inspiring lives:


Inspiring stories from the First Lady's life, with lessons on finding your leadership passion, communicating, networking, embracing risk, mothering as leadership, collaborating, overcoming setbacks and more.


Powerful stories from the life of Ruth Handler, founder of Mattel and creator of Barbie, with lessons on creating a global icon, risk and reward, ethical leadership, reinvention and recovering from mistakes.

Robin is a powerful motivational speaker who can truly move an audience...I remember all the attendees including myself were very inspired by the determination and passion of the women she spoke about. I highly recommend Robin for professional and personal groups who are looking for inspiration and lessons on how to find their leadership passion.

Robin is one the the most inspiring speakers I've heard! Her books are wonderful as well -- my favorite being, 'Eleanor Roosevelt, The Leadership Way'! Thank you for speaking to our group this morning! Having heard you speak for the 3rd time now, I continue to take something new away every time! Robin is a 'must have' speaker at your next meeting! 


Dramatic stories from the life of Katharine Graham, publisher of the Washington Post Newspaper, with lessons on reframing your life, surviving abuse, growing into your leadership, making tough decisions and empowering others to lead.

Robin is one of those unique authors who has the unbelievable ability to tell each story with such passion and makes it so intersting that you beg for more. Her ability to write a fasinating book of a person's life and the great lessons we can learn from them is truly an amazing talent. She is a pleasure to work with and always gets excellent ratings from our attendees. We all cannot wait to see what Robin will do next! 

Authentic Leadership for Women

Based on Robin's popular course, this talk draws on the lives of a variety of famous women, revealing the difficult path to authenticity, including the challenge of family and peer pressure, 'good girl' syndrome, values clarification and more.